Still Life

Perfume - BlogI had a lot of fun creating this image.  I had 5 different perfumes and colognes to test out. Most of them were half-empty however and I didn’t want to show that.  I used a large, thick piece of black card stock as the backdrop and ground.  Then I sprinkled some nice coarse glitter in a way that made it look as if the bottle had collided into the ground, creating this “shattered” look beneath it.  And the final touch, which made the photo was the dangling lights I draped over the top of the card stock.  I had a strand of warmer bulbs but the cool-toned bulbs looked the best as the backdrop.  In Lightroom, I enhanced the color of the perfume before bringing it over into Photoshop.  I had a soft light pointed straight at the bottle with a diffuser over its bulb and a mirror on the left side of the frame to reflect just a bit of that light onto the back of the bottle.  I also had to remove a couple hot white spots in Photoshop that were caused by the lights onto the glass of the bottle.  I was really proud of how this photo turned out!


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