Quincy’s Makeup

Quincy starts off each day with her makeup routine, whether it’s just a touch on her face or the whole shebang.  This is just a quick glimpse into the sphere of her waking up and getting out the door.  The first two pictures are Quincy waking up with the sunlight casting over her.  This was actually taken later in the day (about 3pm) in our bedroom, so the light was low and I was able to play with it.  I wanted to capture her without her makeup on first.  The third photo is Quincy applying her makeup in the bathroom, mascara specifically.  She is very particular about how she does this.  This was just after she got out of bed.  I wanted to get a very close shot of the detail she goes into.  The fourth photo is just her basic makeup tools and applicants.  She knows what she needs and goes through the process quicker than you’d think, although this is just a small percentage of what she owns in terms of makeup “stuff”.  I just wanted to give you an idea of what she was working with.  The fifth and final photo is Quincy ready to go about her day, even though it was now after sunset when this was taken!  I got a full body shot to show the full process had been completed.  (It was frigid outside and we could see our breath, so we had to make this quick.)


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